Latest PlaySMS but can't create an account


I recently installed latest version of PlaySMS (abount 2 days ago). I completed all PHP and package requirements without any issue under Ubuntu 18.04 with PHP 7.2

I am able to log into the default admin account without any issue but when I go to Settings->Manage Accounts and try to add a second administrator, the “Active Language” dropdown is empty and the user can’t be added as this is a mandatory field.

I have installed the package language-pack-id and restarted apache2 but no luck.

Since I am starting with PlaySMS I don’t know still too much of how it is coded and how it works.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Andres Maduro

Just to give more info, I am using PlaySMS 1.4.2, on Ubuntu 18.04, Apache and PHP 7.2, mysql 5.7.24
Any help ?

I am insatlling a new VM with Ubuntu 18.04 with the same config but PHP 7.0 to see if PHP 7.2 is causing the problem.