Behaviour in email to sms


I’m testing the module email to sms in PlaySms 1.1. This is the configuration that I’m using:
Email to sms configuration

And this is the email format:

Email from: depends on the setting the address might be validated against sender’s email
Email subject: [username] [PIN] [message]
Email body: [number], [number], [@User], [#Group]

I get two problems:

1.- In the final sms, the text sent is “[username] [PIN] [message]” and I
don’t understand why it includes the username and pin from the sender.

2.- Seems that when PlaySms reads the email, it does not mark it as
readed in the mailbox, so later it reads the same mail again and sent
again the same sms. This happens forever until you delete the email
manually from the mailbox.

Can you help me??

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  1. Because playSMS need to decide the SMS sent by which account. PIN is the password for sending SMS, rather than using account password

  2. I don’t know. It worked with gmail.



1.- I understand that playSMS need to decide the account but I don’t understand why this information is added to the final SMS. For example, say I need to sent a message to my customers, there is no need for my customers to know the user or pin or even the method I used to sent the message.

2.- The account I use is a Godaddy account and it does what I tell in my previous post, the messages are not marked as readed.


oh, you meant its added to the SMS ? really ? I didn’t know that. It’s a bug if it was.

You can try with gmail account, I really have no idea why it couldn’t


try this changes to fix the included username and pin:



With gmail it works.
Tomorrow I will apply your fix and will tell you.

Thank you for your work Anton.


Can you describe steps to get mailsms working?