Store incoming sms's to my database

Hello, how can i retrive incoming sms’s and store them to my database? I guess i can to that with the fwd url from route incoming but i don’t know exactly how to use it and what paramenters it returns. It’s not like the outgoing webservice.

Try to read db table playsms_tblSMSIncoming


I can see the msg’s into the playsms app but i want to know if i can store them by using the fwd url thing, or how does that URL FWD works?

the fwd url wasn’t designed to forward incoming SMS for the shake of storing, it is used to forward sandbox SMS (SMS that aren’t caught by features).

so, whenever playSMS received an SMS that SMS will be checked by features, if no feature interested with it then playSMS will save it in Sandbox. If you set the forward URL (Settings->Route incoming SMS->Post rules) playSMS will also forward the SMS to that URL. That simple.

other way to get incoming SMS is by using playSMS webservices, see references and example here: