Playsms mysql database


Does any know how to query to get the result of “in_sender” on table playsms_tblSMSIncoming and p_dst on playsms_tblSMSOutgoing?

I have tried to create a trigger on playsms_tblSMSIncoming and playsms_tblSMSOutgoing but does not give me a result I need.

I also tried to change SenderID to user “real number” so I can export the data, but also fail.

Basically i want to create an iOS app similar to apple message but routing thought playSMS, but i need to query a sender and receiver to group into the chat message.

looking thought all the PHP and API but seem very complicate to me.


you want to display incoming and outgoing sms in 1 display ?


Yes that’s right

I am doing a message view based on user phone book and login user to display the sender on the left and receiver (user who’s login) on the right.

At the moment, i can use webservices to authenticated and saved user token and all other info into local database, but having trouble to display the user message.


using webservices you can retrieve messages from incoming, inbox and outgoing messages

and since the “dialog/conversation style” hasn’t available, I think you need to do it your self based on the retrieved messages above