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we are using playSMS to send bulk SMS and it works very fine. Often we get “STOP”-replies and we are obliged by law to add these mobile numbers to the stoplist. Is there a way to add mobile numbers to the stoplist using the webservices API as we want users to be able to add the numbers themselves using a intranet-website app?

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I suppose this request would be similar to you:

no one working on it yet, but it is scheduled, for next release, sorry but not sure when

if you want to create your self then you can use SMS custom to capture the STOP keyword and use your own script to handle that


Hmm, not exactly: I made an PHP page which reads out sandbox messages and places them in a table with rows each containing the mobile number, the message and a button. The user then can click on the button to add the number to the stoplist. The stop-button works as follows: with an AJAX injection I open index.php?app=main&inc=feature_stoplist&op=stoplist_add_manual&add_mobile=[mobile_number]&user=[username] on playsms-server. On page plugin/feature/stoplist/stoplist.php I put security checks in comment and I added case “stoplist_add_manual” which only performs the query: “insert into playsms.playsms_featureStoplist (c_timestamp, uid, mobile) values (now(), “. user_username2uid($_GET[‘user’]) .”, '+”.$_GET[‘add_mobile’]."’)"

It is not good to skip the security but I have no other way to use the token that is in a hidden field in the CSRF-form in the playsms stoplist feature…

Waiting for a WS-solution to add mobile numbers to stoplist, this is a simple workaround…

Thanx anyway for your quick response.

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You should try sms custom, try to catch keyword “stop”

Or create your own plugin that scan for stop keywords and add them to stoplist


Hello Anton,
I have the same issue here please help me on how to create SMS custom, can you explain me from the scratch?