[solved] playSMS feature request


I would like to customize email messages sent by playSMS.
As for now, I would like to customize messages sent when new user is registered and when user requests password reset.
Is there an option or i missed something?

Yhank you,

See tpl files on plugin/core/auth/tpl, the one with email name on it


How can i reference “Main site URL” value (i mean variable name or something) in sent out email messages?
Is there a list with variables used by playSMS?

It is all ok. i found what i want.
I modified the last line of tpl (email footer) to this:

{{ $core_config['main']['email_footer'] }}, <a href="{{ $core_config['main']['main_website_url'] }}">{{ $core_config['main']['web_title'] }}</a>

This way the customer has a link in the email where he can access the portal.

This topic can be closed.
Thank you.

I just pushed changes to tpl plugin, it will look for template custom/mod from several places:

you can replace plugin/core/tpl/fn.php with this one (or pull it from github):

after that create storage/custom/templates/ and then put templates/*.html files you want to modify in that directory