[solved] Email registration notification fails, using sendgrid as smtp

Hi all, i´m getting this error when an user register at website, actually i´m using sendgrid www.mydomain.com 27-01-2016 19:06:32 PID56a907286d4ab - L2 credit_hook_rate_setusercredit # saved uid:25 balance:1 www.mydomain.com 27-01-2016 19:06:32 PID56a907286d4ab - L3 credit_add # updated uid:25 credit:1 www.mydomain.com 27-01-2016 19:06:32 PID56a907286d4ab - L2 user_add # registered status:4 u:Angeles uid:25 email:user@gmail.com ip: mobile:677367440 credit:1.000 www.mydomain.com 27-01-2016 19:06:32 PID56a907286d4ab - L2 sendmail # start from:me@mydomain.com to:user@gmail.com subject:New account registrered www.mydomain.com 27-01-2016 19:07:32 PID56a907286d4ab - L2 sendmail # end with error:it was not possible to read line from socket

I am using sendgrid and i have verified with outlook the smtp can be accesed ok with sendgrid username and pass.

The data in config.php:

$core_config[‘smtp’][‘relm’] = ‘sendgrid.net’; // yes, not realm, it’s relm
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘user’] = ‘mysendgridusername’; <- i have tried the email account too. X-(
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘pass’] = ‘mysendgridpass’;
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘host’] = ‘smtp.sendgrid.net’;
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘port’] = ‘465’; <–i have tried all ports (25, 587 and 465)

is posible that any php smtp library at core/sendmail directory can be obsolete? Is there any other config file to setup?


Hello jjhunter,

Yes, I was able to make it work.

  1. To start, please try leaving relm blank as in…

    $core_config[‘smtp’][‘relm’] = ’ '; // yes, not realm, it’s relm

  2. Please use your entire email address for user.

  3. Also, I used port 587

With your changes, I believe you also need to be sure to restart playsms.

Please let me know if that works.

Ok, now working! But using sendgrid credential.

$core_config[‘smtp’][‘relm’] = ‘’; <-- Empty
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘user’] = ‘sendgrid_credential’;
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘pass’] = ‘sendgrid_credential_pass’;
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘host’] = ‘smtp.sendgrid.net’;
$core_config[‘smtp’][‘port’] = ‘587’;

Edit: not used the user so the credential (smtp) and its pass. And i added my domain to the whitelist.

Thank you!!.