Sending SMS Using Nexmo Gateway

Today i have configured gateway with Nexmo after signing with them. Received their 2 euro free test credit. Placed call back URL, placed their API URL in appropriate place, made the server dev mode. Then attempted to compose message, it is showing sent from reports with blue indicator but actually it did not worked. When i run the nexmo URL the sms reaches phone instantly. Not sure what else needs to do to use these available gateways to work perfectly.

Your guidance is very much needed

Go to Reports -> All sent messages, examine the SMSC column, the message (the one with the blue dot you mentioned about) should use Nexmo’s SMSC


I have gone through the blue dot its shows delivered but i did not received any SMS. 4 attempt made and 4 of them are showing blue dot indicating delivered.

is there anything else that i am missing

did you notice which smsc was used?

pls read my previous post

It says dev under SMSC

thought so. you haven’t configured the route. the easiest way is by changing the default route from Settings main config from dev to Nexmo’s smsc


See what changes i have made:

  1. Created Nexmo SMSC with their API Key and Secret Key
  2. Routing outgoing messages to nexmo
  3. Main config > default SMSC > Nexmo

Now what happens, when i send any SMS it says queued and not getting delivered to sent messages.

Anything else i should do or i am missing here?


all sma when you sent will be queued, its the default message displayed after you submit.

see the report what was the status, red, yellow, green or blue.


No status of those messages. It is under queue section still and did not show up at Sent messages
still around 11hour gone since last message. Let me know if i am missing anything to do here.


I found the issue why it was staying at queue for long time as the daemon was not running, so i made it running and it has started to work. SMS got delivered :smile:

Now tell me one thing:
is it possible to route incoming traffic from users to send to specific gateway based on prefix?

Example: X user has purchased a bundle from us and they have to send sms to various operator. I have purchased from infobip, mobiweb, nexmo and i want to route all incoming traffic of Airtel through mobiweb, like wise for other operator i want to use different gateway so that i dont have to depend on specific gateway for sending all sms to all operator if their routes to specific operator gets filtered at operator end.

To make it more clear to you
I want to use in this way, Bangladesh has 6 operator operating, i will purchase traffic from infobip and from operator itself. Then i will add those traffic to my playsms system. I will set rules if a user sends SMS to GrameenPhone (prefix 88017) then it will send that SMS through specific route we have set for GrameenPhone and for other traffic it will go through InfoBip

Help me if that is possible or not


you can try it. see Settings - > Route outgoing SMS


Thanks for the info sharing. Basically there is no specific guideline for solving these tiny little small issues and need to ask you every time. Will bother you some time. Don’t mind please :smile:

tell me one thing why the playsmsd shuts down after few attempt. What could the reason behind this shutdown? i have to restart the service every time. Is there any way to keep it live and running so that it wont get off frequently

it shouldn’t be crashed, mine seems never crashed. check again other stuff in your server, probably something killed it.

as for the manual, since now you know, please submit the manual so that everyone can gain benefit.



Yes i will submit and help others to get oriented with PlaySMS

Got another query. I am getting direct connection from a Telco and they have asked us to provide SMPP connection. Also we are about to sell whole sale traffic from this platform soon so every one is in need of SMPP. How can i setup SMPP with PlaySMS?

Whats the best possible least troublesome way to do this? If i setup SMPP can i share the same connectivity to all operator or i have to setup separate SMPP for each telco i connect to or each provider wants to connect to us?

Let me know. Thanks Anton

You need another software for that, Kannel or Jasmin

playSMS —HTTP—> Kannel —SMPP—> operators/providers


Dear Anton

Thanks for your update. So PlaySMS will connect Kannel using HTTP and SMPP will be built in available within Kannel is it something like this?

Another query can we host kannel & smpp along with playsms within the same server we need separate server for each. It may sound lame question but i m a bit confused so thats why asking such a lame question :stuck_out_tongue:

If there is a step by step procedure to follow i would love to follow that without any tension


Yes, you can put them in the same server.

The instruction to install can be found in playSMS book:


Dear Anton
One of our client is interested to go for this platform, they have asked whether our system can handle sms rate requirement minimum 300TPS.but PlaySMS has 500k SMS monthly. Whats the difference between 300TPS with 500K monthly


forget the number, it will be depend on your implementation.

playSMS never been tested seriously for any number of tps