1.0-rc4 and Nexmo send speed (move from googlegroups)

Anton, have you made progress on using parallel submission to Nexmo? I would love to have this feature and ability. This will significantly improve speeds for us at our institution.

Please help.

Thank you.

no, I havent, unfortunately


Greetings Anton. Has there been any progress in increasing the speed of sending out to Nexmo? This is a continuation from: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/playsmsusergroup/GvtnKnWC358

Thank you.



Yes, I just commit it to github. need some testers. I have tested for 5000 SMS with dummy data, but not real SMS or nexmo gateway.


Thank you Anton. This is great news for us!!

I am running an older version of PlaySMS. I’d like to start from scratch, install the latest master version from GitHub , then import my addressbook.

I will test and report back to you soon.

Thank you very much for making this improvement.


Greetings Anton. Just a quick update after upgrading to v 1.3. I was able to send out 1,400 sms messages in 3 minutes. This is a great improvement! Thank you. It was previously taking me 15 minutes to send 1,400 messages. After upgrading to v 1.3, it now takes me 3 minutes.

I gathered this time from Nexmo reports. Nexmo reports tell me that it took 3 minutes. Nexmo gives me a limit of 100 messages per second. Which, it should take me 14 seconds to send out 1,400 messages. But, 3 minutes is much better than 15 minutes!

I have my Linux host log files but I cannot figure out how to look at the logs to tell me how long it took to send out 1,400 messages. Nonetheless, this is a great improvement.

Do I need a faster server to send at a faster speed? I’d like to be able to send 1,400 messages in 14 seconds :smile:

Thank you Anton.

Try to change these config, on config.php (don’t forget to restart playsmsd after that):

// limit the number of queue processed by sendsmsd in one time
$core_config['sendsmsd_queue']	= 10;
// limit the number of chunk per queue
$core_config['sendsmsd_chunk']	= 20;
// chunk size
$core_config['sendsmsd_chunk_size'] = 100;

Try to upper the sendsmsd_chunk to 100, 20 means 1 queue sent in 20 parts parallel

Run thin in linux console BEFORE you hit the send button:

tail -f /var/log/playsms/playsms.log -n0 | tee test1.txt

And dont do any other things, let the log runs (you can watch it the tail will show you stuffs), then you Ctrl+C once done (the tail will stop). After that you can read test1.txt for better analysis.


I will test again next time I need to send out sms messages. I’d like to thank you once more for the speed increase. I will report back to you soon.