Playsms breaking under high traffic


Playsms seems to not be billing even delivered texts, doing 1 M texts… and Kannel gets verrrrryyy slow delivering 10 texts per minute.

Which version do you use?
Same happened with me on version 1.3

1.3.1 upgraded it about a week ago, still no change. noticed it today.

Hi there,

@Yahia and @Samuel_Ngoda, this is really interesting.

Can you describe how many sms you sent ? is it 1 million? Have I read correctly?
What is your setup? Do you use only Kannel or together Kannel with other gateways?

Hi @vmos for me I was sending about 15K SMS.
I have 4Core CPU 12 GB RAM UBUNTU 14.04

@Yahia @vmos of course not at once, 30, 000 sms batches. Using Kannel, the speed can make one cry.

@Samuel_Ngoda What is your configuration?

For me the speed was fine it took 10mins to finish.

VPS, running ubuntu 14.04, 2GB ram 1GB swap space. 2 core (2 VCPU) @Yahia

You tried with Kannel?

Yes I tried with Kannel.

@yahia do you wait for PDU ACK?

@Samuel_Ngoda yes I wait

I have this error for some messages (about 2700 SMS)
rate deduct failed due to unable to save to db

@Yahia… then can be operator with issue… pdu ack take loooong…
but also thinking… playsms using innodb runs parallel queries, there might be a problem there…

I don’t know what is the problem, May be @anton can help in this.

@yahia thanks, hopefully @anton can give us some clues… would be glad to contribute in the solution


30k messages isn’t alot, I meant I’ve tried 200k with old version which should be way slower than 1.3.1 still considered fast. The bottleneck usually in dlrssmsd (part of playsmsd that does updating DLR/billing etc), it updates database in serial.

But then again 1.3.1 is new, so maybe something messed up which I haven’t notice yet.