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Hi all, I’ve a problem I’d like to have all phoneboox members listed when click on combobox “send to”, without typing any char (for now, it needs to write 2 chars or more to have some destination numbers), for my use would be better to have all destinantion name/number listedm so I cound select one or more destination only clicking on the combobox and then on it/them (also opening list to insert each destination mobile), to have all complete list shown (ike the selection of “route incoming sms to users”… like that would be perfect for me!!!) to search and select better, how I can do it?

thanks in advances

answer by myself, is a bug of playsms 1.5.0, while on playsms 1.4.6 all woks as expected. so if you want intall playsms, is preferred to install 1.4.x version and not 1.5.0

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