Input field width issue


I found an issue with the destination number inputfield: right click on mouse followed by paste on the context menu is not possibile only on the very left end of the input field, because the context menu which appears is a general browser html-text area context menu, not the oen with copy, paste, etc …

For now, this was signaled to me on page “My account” -> “Compose message” -> “Sent to field”.

This behavior shows up with all themes.

Is this a bug, or an intended behavior?

A possibile remedy could be:

#s2id_autogen1 { width:358px !important; }

inserted as last line to file:


With this trick all the imput will show context menu with text controls (copy, paste, etc.)



No, I would like to see right-click can work on Send to field. I’ll try to update select2 (if any), and also try your solution.


Hi Anton.

Today, i find that modifying select2.css breaks some thing in playsms:
when i allocate credit to customer, effectively it does not allocate the credit to the customer, meaning that in costomer dashboard shows the old credit, but in credit transactions the allocation is present.

So i had to revert back select2.css changes.