Problem with DLR not sending from Kannel


Need help… PlaySMS and Kannel both working fine in general.However DLR are listed as not being sent from Kannel - as per Kannel status in playsms interface.
I can see from kannel the ACK and DELIVERED dlr :

2017-05-27 23:32:06 Sent SMS [SMSC:kannel] [SVC:admin] [ACT:admin] [BINF:] [FID: 177052713322030636] [META:?smpp_resp?] [from:ReachSMS] [to:+61408670080] [UUID:2 645b7e0-5993-44d8-9ba8-697ae667d249] [flags:-1:0:-1:-1:31] [msg:47:test new play sms install - log update @ReachSMS] [udh:0:]
2017-05-27 23:32:06 Receive DLR [SMSC:kannel] [SVC:admin] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:17 7052713322030636] [META:?smpp_resp??orig_msg?dlr_mask=31&] [from:ReachSMS] [to:+ 61408670080] [UUID:cb37734b-f491-4769-847d-934228a79e77] [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:8] [ msg:4:ACK/] [udh:0:]
2017-05-27 23:32:11 Receive DLR [SMSC:kannel] [SVC:admin] [ACT:reachsms2] [BINF: ] [FID:177052713322030636] [META:?orig_msg?dlr_mask=31&?smpp?dlr_err=%03%00%00&] [from:ReachSMS] [to:+61408670080] [UUID:ed7edd14-3f25-418b-b78b-9248ac82a34b] [ flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:1] [msg:131:id:177052713322030636 sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit dat e:1705271532 done date:1705271532 stat:DELIVRD err:0000 text:test new playsms in s] [udh:0:]

I made some updates to my setup… however I tested 2 messages messages direct to infobip via http within playsms (i have an account with SMPP and http access)… playsms is still trying to pull dlr from infobip… the response is actually no data…I checked it maually in a browser…
A. how to stop playsms polling for the dlr?
B. why doesn’t the sms string trigger the dlr for kannel?

Infobip´s http api doesn´t very well, I don´t know why. Prefer smpp instead.

yep I trashed the Infobip http SMSC setup and just sticking with the SMPP connect through kannel directly… just cannot get the dlr to function properly…I think a tweak of the /kannel/fn.php is required but I am neither a programmer or a sys admin…

I am at my witts end…I have moved up to ver 1.4 and I still have the same issue…I can send through Kannel without issue and have the DLR values in my access.log. …any suggestions would be appreciated.

@Schmoo , solved it, in SMSC and gateway settings i changed all references of localhost to my playsms web url, even in kannel.conf (just incase), now receiving delivery notification

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what is your get-url strin ginto kannel conf file ?