Problem installing on OSX

Continuing the discussion from playSMS version 1.1 has been released:

Hi Anton,
I’m having the following problem installing on my macbook pro keep getting this error and cannot proceed further.
Getting composer from

Please wait while the install script downloading composer

Composer has been installed

Pleas wait while composer getting and updating required packages

Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Nothing to install or update
Generating autoload files
Warning: Ambiguous class resolution, “PEAR_ErrorStack” was found in both “/Users/azlinux1/Downloads/playsms-1.1/web/lib/composer/vendor/pear/pear/PEAR/ErrorStack.php” and “/Users/azlinux1/Downloads/playsms-1.1/web/lib/composer/vendor/pear/pear/PEAR/ErrorStack5.php”, the first will be used.

Composer has been installed and packages has been updated

Start…cp: the -R and -r options may not be specified together.

edit the install script, change cp -rR wth just cp -R
but pls confirm with other OSX users, I;m not really sure, I’m not using OSX



Changed cp -rR to cp -R but now get different error

Start…Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
…sed: 1: “/Library/WebServer/Docu …”: invalid command code W