PlaySMS Ubuntu 20.04 PHP 7.4

Hi All,
Has anyone successfully configured PlaySMS 1.4.5 on Ubuntu Server 20.04 with PHP 7.4 and mariadb?

I’ve followed the general instructions for installation of 1,4,3 on ubuntu 18.04 and applied to this version and can access the GUI, dB working etc…

$ playsmsd /var/www/playsms/etc/playsmsd.conf check
$ playsmsd: command not found

same with
$ playsmsd /var/www/playsms/bin/playsmsd.conf check
$ playsmsd: command not found

But content of
/var/www/playsms/bin$ ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 14109 Mar 30 01:48 playsmsd

and content of
/var/www/playsms/etc$ ls -l
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 215 Mar 30 01:48 playsmsd.conf

$ nano playsmsd.conf

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


I got it working.

You have attempted to create your playsms VirtualHost under your Apache Root (/var/www) when the local user should be /home/playsms

The web site for playsms can go under /var/www but your local account should be /user/playsms

You can follow the 1.4.3 instructions under ubuntu 18.04

Change /home/komodo to say home/playsms (or leave it as komodo)

pay particular attention to

5.1. Prepare Directories

Here are some important directories that need to be ready before playSMS installation:

  • /home/komodo/public_html
  • /home/komodo/log
  • /home/komodo/bin
  • /home/komodo/etc
  • /home/komodo/lib
  • /home/komodo/src

In the end, for my installation, I copied this structure and did not attempt to put the logs in /var/log/ and configs /etc. Permissions are easier when it’s all in the local user’s home directory.

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