Playsms only displaying white blank page

after installing playsms with no error or so, i tried access my webpanel and noting to displayed except white blank page,

Installed where, system release?, PHP version? Playsms version???

thank you for the reply, im sorry for late reply, lost someone so close to me, i havent been online this whole time

regarding the playsms, i installed it in a apache virtualhost, ubuntu 22 virtualbox , PHP version 8.2.8 , playsms 1.4.3. i followed this link from playsms

as I know, playsms seems to works only with php 7.X, I’ve used 7.2, no virtualbox, I used an android tvbox, with armbian on (ubuntu 22.04) and all works wel!
but, if you are using virtual box, you could instead, use ubuntu 18.04, and all works, also compile smstools without fixes, and has yet installed PHP 7.2 (tested by me some times ago!) and in both cases, Use playsms 1.4.x (1.4.6) branch from its github:

okay thank you, this goes a long way for me

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