Playsms 1.4.6 (latest one) running on PHP 8.X

Hi all, I’ve upgraded Playsms 1.4.X (last release downloadable on github: GitHub - playsms/playsms at 1.4.x )

to PHP 8.X.

Tested with PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.3, on UBUNTU 22.04 and all works!!! so you can install o ubuntu 22.04 or newer, debian 11 or newer.

REVISION 2 on next post!

playsms 1.4.6 working on PHP 8.X-REVISION 2, some php8.X fixes (some blanch pages, as in user and subuser management/ add user and add subuser…) and added ITALIAN Language, here:

P.S. maybe other errors will be found…

Greetings and congratulations! Using the (admittedly ancient) instructions for installing on Ubuntu on the Playsms website–and making appropriate update adjustments for the latest version of Playsms and Ubuntu 23.04–I did a fresh install of 14.6 including with PHP 8.1.X. Sadly, I do not get the Playsms admin screen, but only PHP errors. Verbose logging reveals many “Deprecated” errors with the real information stated at the end. I have posted below (replacing the username for security reasons). Any help from someone who has a clue about PHP would be greatly appreciated!

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given in /home/$user/public_html/playsms/lib/fn_core.php:230 Stack trace: #0 /home/$user/public_html/playsms/lib/fn_core.php(1009): core_call_hook() #1 /home/$user/public_html/playsms/init.php(298): core_themes_get() #2 /home/$user/public_html/playsms/index.php(19): include(‘…’) #3 {main} thrown in /home/$user/public_html/playsms/lib/fn_core.php on line 230

While I adapted this version for PHP 8.X, t’ the author of project updated the new beta version (1.5.0 b7) for PHP 8.X too, Is Better to try and use that version instead.

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