PlaySMS one SMS is being sent three times

I have recently installed PlaySMS 1.4.3 with Kannel 1.4.5.
All worked together for a while, yet recently my colleagues who are using it reported me that messages are not being sent anymore. I noticed that SMS messages were putted into queue instead of sending immediately. I fixed timezones in php.ini config files, reloaded PlaySMS and Kannel. All worked again.
Yet today, they reported me again not sending. I checked by myself and confirmed this. What is more, each SMS I created using “Compose message” is being put into pending queue three times, with the same time, but different destination number.
Can anyone help me with this? Screen shot is attached.

So you compose message to 1 destination, but it was in pending queue for 3 times with same time but different destination ?

I’m not sure whats going on, I can’t reproduce the error on my installation.


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