playSMS not processing received sms on modem

Anybody has a working solution for this… please, please help…

To start with, my apologies if THIS ISSUE MY BE DEEMED REDUNDANT, but, I’ve read most /or all of the related (“not receiving SMS”) posts here. problem is it’s not about playsms not receiving… It seems it’s a question of playsms not doing anything when a new message is received on the Modem (SIMCOM module) side. No activity on the smsbox.log and the playsms.log… Also, I’ve tried most /or all of the recommendations (in this forum) that I can hold on to, but to no avail.

Frankly, I’ve repeatedly checked my configurations on the Kannel and Playsms side and I’m confident that what I have configured is the proper and working one. As most of what I’ve read, I too, CAN SEND MESSAGES and are being received by a recipient mobile number.

Can anyone guide me thru of which part on Kannel or Playsms should I be concentrating on (configurations, that is) so, as I could have this issue… resolved.

Thanks to you all in advance.