Can not receive sms with playsms!

please help i can send sms with playsms but i can not receive sms with it !! :’(
PS: i use kannel sms Gateway

how have you configured receiving sms?
kindly share

no i said I cannot receive sms :’(

then lets change the question to: have you configured kannel to receive sms? :wink:
i am not sure if or what you have to configure, but check for that first.

Yes…sure…I too want to configure. .receiving sms thru kannel and playsms

in kannel.conf :
get-url = "http://LOCAL_IP_PLAYSMS/playsms/plugin/gateway/kannel/geturl.php?t=%t&q=%q&a=%aQ=%Q&msc=%i"
post-url ="http://LOCAL_IP_PLAYSMS/playsms/plugin/gateway/kannel/geturl.php?t=%t&q=%q&a=%a&=%Q&msc=%i

in playsms;
Features==> Group Inbox ==> Add group inbox: receiver number , Keywords (INCOMING)>> Save ==> Members: add @dmin, and Clique in Status for activation.

  • Settings==> Route incoming SMS : Scan incoming SMS for @username (YES) ==> Scan incoming SMS for #groupcode (YES)
    ==> Post rules; Route all sandbox SMS with matched sender ID (NO) ==> Route all sandbox SMS to users ( you choise the users receive sms )
    ==>Settings: Leave a copy in sandbox SMS page (NO) , Match with all approved sender ID (NO)