Playsms not polling IMAP/POP3 mailbox

Hello, I am trying to setup playsms to poll a mailbox for email to send via sms, these emails are just numeric tokens sent from ldap-tool-box to confirm user identity before allowing them to reset passwords.
I have googled a lot for a solution and followed recommendations for highering debug level and also followed Anton Raharja posts and screenshots for setting up this. First I used a gmail account and them switched to a local IMAP/POP3 server for debugging, but still can’t find any single line of log showing there is a connection to the mail server. (a cat /var/spool/mail/thsusermailbox shows that the messages are there and even gmail received the mails from ldap-tool-box)

Can someone help me trace/solve my problem ?



I´ve just the same problem, i tried IMAP and POP3 but playsms dont catch the mails.
my PlaySMS Host in Debian based with local smstools3 installation which works fine except Mail2SMS.

regards Martin

just check your server for smtp / imap connectivity, not playsms. playsms is simply using linux services.
so, is linux configured for sending and receiving emails (try via mail on linux shell)?

Mailserver (internet) itself works fine there are hundreds of customer getting there mails with pop3, pop3s, imap or imaps. i´ve also checked the connectivity within shell with “telnet server port” and this works fine. My local host is not specially configured to send emails, ist a default debian install with exim4

ok, i was misinformed.
there are two different mail-implementations:

  1. forgot password function is realized via “sendmail” in source code - that requires a valid mailserver configuration on linux side.
  2. email 2 sms is implemented in playsms directly, configuration via webinterface!

so what did you configure in playsms-main configuration?


I wanna use the email2sms “gateway” or feature which is configured via webinterface

yes. And I misunderstood configuration. in config.php of playsms smtp is configured, imap / pop3 access is done via webui.

  1. how do you access your mailserver? imap or pop3?
  2. verify, that you can access those mails with another client (maybe thunderbird portable).

is that working?

as i said before it is working either pop3 pop3s, imap and imaps

you said users would be able to get emails these ways. are you able to see the mails for playsms with another mailclient?

yes, i´ve also webmail (over imaps) and the mails are stored

can you ensure on network level that requests from playsms for retrieving emails reaches the mailserver?

Network level site works fine, as i explaind before with telnet on console i can connect to mailserver via pop and imap without trouble