Need to have more than one administrator with different gateway enabled for each administrator


I am planning to have more than one administrator in my playsms and both the administrator will have different gateway. is there a way to change the code

waiting for your answers

Thanks for your co-operation


currently thats not available

you need to be more specific and details for asking advice which code to change as its pretty complex

what exactly do you want to achieve by having multiple admin ? admin in playSMS is an account type that have ALL access, there are no superadmin so that admins can have partial access

Hi Anton,

Thanks for the quick reply.

As per existing playsms version 1.0 Admin has the highest features right now. The User and sub accounts will take the gateway details, given by the admin and will the SMS.

I want some users to use different gateway (other than admin gateway) ?

I can customize the code right-away but i do not want the my code not to disturb future upgrade of playsms.

Can you give me your tips for this task



the non coding way:

  • add all necessary SMSC based on a gateway from Manage gateway and SMSC
  • go to Route outgoing SMS and route based on username

the coding way will have to wait as I’m working on something else right now


Let me try and let you know as early as possible


Hi Anton

I need to pull the list of playsms username in to my plugin can you tell me which function and which file name I need to look for it



user_getallwithstatus(2) to get all admins, 3 for users, 4 for subusers