Need Help with USB Stick please


I have installed Playsms 1.1 like described here:
Now I have a USB-Modem only to send. I have deactivated the USB-Flash in this Stick, so it functions only as modem.
Now I have a problem with this Object: /etc/udev/rules.d/
This Script split the modem and the Flash and give the right USB-port.

I only have a modem.

How can I modify it to get function?

Please Help

If you have only one USB modem you don’t need to use this script (i think). Try to reconnect USB modem or restart OS and run “lsusb” and “dmesg | grep ttyUSB*”. If DeviceID and USB port number are not changed then you don’t need it.

Thank you for your answer, but my Problem was another, so I find out.
Everythings worked fine, but SMS was Pending.
Sometimes SMS was going out, but most time not.
My Problem was that smstools was not started with boot.