Installation problem with no error message

Hi everyone,

I’m doing my first step and having problems to install PlaySms.
I followed the installation guide on Ubuntu by Anton.
I’m running Peppermint 10 but I assume the procedure should be the same.
Everything runs fine but at the end it exit the installation without any message like this:
"- Installing playsms/webservices (1.0.7): Extracting archive
Generating autoload files

Composer has been installed and packages has been updated

Start…root@Netbook-Acer /home/komodo/src/playSMS # "

The only thing I saw different from guide was on file install.con fig, where web, lib, bin, paths ended in a playSMS folder instead of each standard folder name. I couldn’t found that playSMS folder inside of each one so I deleted the end of the path to match what is on the guide.

In the other hand Web server is running, MySql installed, etc.
I’m really new to Linux but very eager to learn, I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance.

One more thing: I’m using Mysql instead of MariaDB

OK, I will replay myself, I was checking all values and I found a wrong password on Mysql user.

can you assist me in the installation. please im also stuck

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