Information and help

Good Morning. I´ll explain my case…
We have a GSM gateway VoxStack VS-GW400 working with 4 gsm sim cards. As you know, you can send massive sms through its web interface but the gateways doesn´t have a user role managment so they obviosly wont send sms through the web interface or they´ll have total access to the admon the gateway. Because of that i wanna try and use playsms, following the playSMS 1.4.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 tutorial. As a result, I have this:

playsmsd check:
PLAYSMSD_CONF = /etc/playsmsd.conf
PLAYSMS_PATH = /home/vhost/html/
PLAYSMS_LIB = /var/lib/playsms
PLAYSMS_BIN = /usr/local/bin
PLAYSMS_LOG = /var/log/playsms
PIDS schedule =
PIDS ratesmsd =
PIDS dlrssmsd =
PIDS recvsmsd =
PIDS sendsmsd =
I can´t access http://myipserveraddress/playsms.
some help please.

Ronald, have you solved this already? What happens? Have you checked your webserver´s log?