Incomplete SMS message

I dont know if this is kannel issues or playsms.
it seem that when someone sends a message with more than 160 characters,
the received SMS is incomplete in playsms.

It can receive the 2nd part of the message but not complete.
My problem is when they send the message with “@user”, the remaining text will not directly forward it to certain user.
the remaining part will be delivered to the SANDBOX.

what is your gateway ?



another thing, when i’m browsing the playsms webgui, the messages are incomplete but when i enable the forward to email, the SMS is complete.
In the email, the SMS is complete but in the playsms webgui it is incomplete.

no option on kannel sms-service available for concatenating incoming long message
long SMS will be received as multiple SMS and each of them be forwarded to playSMS

so far, thats all I know

interesting that you said the forwarded message to email is in full, was it the same message that you saw separated in Inbox ?


some messages are separated in inbox and sandbox.

I think one of the issues are when the SMS goes to the Sandbox, it is complete.
but when i use the “@user”, it will go to inbox but the message is incomplete.

any feedback?
Do i need to update my installation?


you should to put in sender-user
concatenation = true
like this :

group = sendsms-user
default-smsc = none
username =  *********
password = **********
max-messages = 10
concatenation = true

I tried on my server, it worked perfectly, tested several incoming SMS and all went to Inbox in complete

heres my kannel.conf:


This is interesting.
In the PlaySMS GUI, my inbox only gets 200 characters.
Messages stops at 200 characters.

But in Email i get this