How long the project last


I would like to know if playSMS have been used in production on a project, say for your businesses or to support community projects, and for how long your project have been running.


I’ll last until it this forum exist for clarification, bugs are fixed and most important new features are added and/or contributed.

But I feel It’ll last longer for sure. As this is the only one which is truly opensource and updated everyday. Also this is the only application around for sending SMS using multiple gateways, simple web interface and yes with ultimate features which are unbeatable and keeps growing.

Thanks for this great app anton. I and everyone will surely contribute towards growth of this playSMS. :wink:


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I have been using it for maybe 5 years now, oldest version 0.9.6 and I am now testing version 1 , currently running about 7 instances some commercial and others community(my local Sports Club). If I get everything working in version 1 its going to be a game changer as I will be able to free up all the separate VPS servers and consolidate them in one big server. This will also mean less connections to my Kannel SMPP server(commercial).
Thanks Anton when playsms becomes commercial I am sure that I will stick will it as we already know it.

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wow, nice knowing that you’re still using it after 5 years :smile:

thanks for the info

btw, are those 7 instances due to playSMS unable to use multiple SMSC (in 0.9.6) ?


Hi Anton yes and no , its all to do with the SHORT CODE, or receiver ID ,this is very import in my environment as we can have premium rated receiver ID’s with very different tariffs , so the NGO’s and Sport’s Clubs get the lowest rate whereas information retrieval or competitions have a premium attached to it. As I am primary a hosting establishment I also have other people using the SMS services with playsms for their own use and that’s why they are separate and some only use the web services with custom of playsms, I suppose this could be accomplished easier but as things go when you have the capacity logic does not always play a roll as it can take like 30Minutes to setup a full working playsms with kannel.

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I am uaing it in my community and thats more than 10k people…
Also…just rolled out ystrday for stress testing.
As on date 8 users…will go upto arnd 140 in future…
Really amazing application…suppprted by a well informed forum…and u…

Thanks a ton anton…

But its just that I cud nt …get delivered status… wic has become a huge demand frm users…

using it in production as well, smaller size. less than hundred users and only sporadic use. using it for informing about major outages. sending about 1000 of sms per month.
using playsms for about 2 years now, no end planned - will run as long as I stay in my company. :wink:

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