Is PlaySMS not under active development?

Play SMS is nice software. I wonder if playSMS is not under active development. As this is written with php there should mero contributor. What why its not under active development? At Least once update a month is necessary.

it can be a very powerful project.

most of the time the development of playSMS relies on my availability, and unfortunately most of the time I’m often not available, I think its for the past 2-3 years

would love to get some help from contributors tho, you can pull requests in Github


Personally, I really wanted to make my contribution, but unfortunately I am not a programmer. The project is very good, as mentioned above. If you would take the time to correct the flaws, I could donate to this project. But due to a number of problems (which I listed earlier), I have not yet been able to implement a full-fledged project based on PlaySMS.
Anton, if there is free time, please allow time for the project, it is very promising. And I promise to help the donates.

With great respect,
Jamshid Tursunov

You can donate by hiring programmer to fix it for you, and if you want to share those fixes that’ll be great, if not still a good thing :slight_smile:


There are no claims to the basic functionality, it is good. There are only minor bugs and unpredictable behavior.

Jamshid Tursunov

looking at this, there are still tons to fix tho:

as of today I code currently only for critical bug or security related issues

@MAPIIIAJI I will contribute to this project. I am not a core developer but has knowledge on php, react and others.I have also good knowledge on frontend. I have also has expertise on cloud and scaling. I will fully contribute to this project. I am I run my own business and also own a large tech community. All of my project use a great deal of open source project.

I can help on hiring developer and guide them will you donate to hire developer?

of course @anton will be the lead I will just contribute as much I can.

@MAPIIIAJI are you serious and can donate to developer.
@anton can you open an account on patron or other suitable account for this project.

no, no need, please do your best for your own benefit, focus to make playSMS better to suit your needs

and then you can share all or some of them to playSMS project by submitting pull requests


@MAPIIIAJI can you donate to developer. I will do my best to contribute on this project. can you provide your discord id?

If someone want to hire me to playSMS customizations, I´m available.

At the time of donation, there is no possibility to allocate, a PlaySMS-based service, which I provide if it covers itself. But I am a person who is not whimsical about money and I believe that every work should be crowded. And therefore, if you eliminate minor flaws, I am sure that I will raise the demand for the service to a higher level. Then I can really allocate some money as donat. One of these problems that is presently present is the problem with language settings. The audience that uses the service is not all English-speaking, therefore language settings would be a very useful feature. I wrote on the forum a lot of suggestions for improving the service and suggestions for eliminating bugs. You can at least see them for yourself. Again about donations “at the moment” I can not help, but this is only for the moment.

We are looking for someone to configure playsms and kannel to send SMS appointment reminders from our software. If anyone knows someone with experience that is willing to work on contract to help us set this up let us know.

I’m looking for someone that can implement PlaySMS and Kannel?

We are looking for a system to send text reminders to our patients through this platform.

I’m looking to send free text to cell phones throughout the world. Individual text to remind people of appointments. Will Play SMS and Kannel work to acomplish this task? Do you know anyone that would be willing to work on contract to implement the system or is capable of implementing the system. We have 4 developers for our software but we don’t have any experience in this area at all.

Free text? No, afaik. If do you have supplier to send your SMS, yes.