How can I connect my local GSM modem to my playsms install on Digital Ocean? Image attached shows modem working locally on Ozeki

As you can see it works locally on Ozeki, but I am using playSMS. So my question is this; is it possible to route my outbound SMS to my locally connected GSM Modem (Ostent Wavecom single SIM) from my website where I have playSMS installed on?

I see support for Gammu and Kannel but correct me if I am wrong, that is assuming PlaySMS is installed on the same ubuntu box which a GMS modem is on, which it isn’t. My ultimate aim is to use playSMS with my GSM Modem I have attached to my PC (eventually home server) rather than expensive service4s like Twilio or Nexmo. How can I get playSMS on Digitial Ocean talking to my GSM modem on my local machine?

Apologies if this has been asked before… Does a guide currently exist? :slight_smile:

Appreciate any help!

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