Email to SMS - Problem with German Umlauts (ä, ü, ö)

I am using playSMS as an E-Mail to SMS gateway.
The problem is, that incoming Mails with Umlauts like ä, ü, ö are not processed by playSMS.
The mails are tagged as “read” in the mail client, but playSMS ignores these mails.

Could you please help me with this?


May be you are having problems with your character encoding, look at this post i think it´s going to help you.

In relation with this feature please could you indicate to me a valid config? I´m a little confused and don´t have a clear idea about who is the catch all email and who is the sender account. If you could clarify me the main idea i´d be grateful.

It´s suposed this is the email account which receives the emails that later will be redirected to sms

And this the user config, the user´s email address who sends emails from its email client (and pin is used to validate in the system)

And finally this is the format to use:

Email from: depends on the setting the address might be validated against sender’s email
Email subject: username PIN message
Email body: destinations, comma seperated


Email from:
Email subject: anton 1122 Hi this is a test
Email body: 098765431, @admin, #mygroup

Thank you very much.


I did the changes JustL described yesterday in that thread an now the problem is solved!

Thank you.

Here is my running config (before I made the encoding changes).

Email from: Any working email-address (has not to be noticed in the playSMS config)
Email a SMS direcction: both the target mail address, which is checked by playSMS for new mails.

Any further questions?

Ok, yes, that was the info i had my doubts.

Thank you!


I am also having the same issue, found the best answer on German site.