Problems whit unicode

i using playsms with jasmine, playsms is very nice product,
i have no problems with playsms on jasmine,
but without playsms i can not generated on jasmin Unicode “რატიფი” this is the Georgian alphabet,
Can you tell me how playsms encodes these symbols?
thanks in advance.

Do you mean you’re using playSMS with ?

What is the issue with unicode ? Are you unable to send them ? or can’t receive them ?


yes whit,
i can’t send unicode sms with http-api i use browser for generate sms unicode,
when i try to send sms “ჰჰჰჰ” from playsms, SMS is sent correctly and I see on logs jasmin this encoding

when i try to send sms from browser i see this encoding


i don’t understand what encoding is using playsms

This is what playSMS does before submitting to Jasmin’s http api:

playSMS convert it to UCS-2:

$sms_msg = mb_convert_encoding($sms_msg, "UCS-2", "auto");

Not sure what to do for your alphabets, I have no tools for testing them. Please ask around what to do, and maybe I can help modify playSMS


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