Unicode not displaying on received SMS


Good day! I hope you can assist with the issue we are having. We are sending SMS via API from our application going to PlaySMS. Jasmin is configured as the SMSC. When I send a SMS via the PlaySMS via the portal, unicode is working. However, when we send it via our application or directly from the browser as the sample below, the unicode is not displaying.

h++ps://smsclient[.]ourdomain[.]com/index.php?app=ws&u=ryan&h=Webservices token&from=user&to=xxxxxxxxxx&msg=感謝非常常

I have tried changing the settings from fn.php and have tried to switch from one setting to another and restarting the service for each change but still the same result.

Can you please advise on this?

Error log below for your reference:

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