Hello playSMS experts and users. I have successfully installed playSMS and I have also successfully sent some SMS. The problems I encountered all the time is the (DEVICEWRITEERROR[11]) every time I start up my laptop and run VM ubuntu, playsms and gammu service. I did try to fix it using this method (USB mapping)
“antonraharja . com/2015/05/14/persistent-paths-for-dynamic-device-file”
somehow it fixes the problem I did not received any log errors from smsd.log anymore and the device is just waiting for some sms to be executed and sent. But that is just for a while after I restarted my laptop the problem somehow returned.
I cannot pin point what causes this to happen. I need to understand why i got [devicewriterror10], that means i dnt hv permission to write the device even if i run it using ‘sudo’.
Note: I can send sms right after i started gammu service. those sms was pendings on my previous playsms transaction.

Please see my SS.

Sorry for my SS, i can only attach 1 media as i am just a new user

I also noticed that when the device sim card received an SMS it seems the device will work and it can send SMS but after a few seconds it will back to device error… I wish i could find answers on google :frowning:

Thank you in Advance.
To Anthon Thank you so much for making this Project (PlaySMS). This project is very helpful to provide support and free services to those in need. God bless you!

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