Delivery of sms

akay, can you give some more details? i really need correct status in playsms.
kind regards,

Thanks andreā€¦
Imstallation : kannel on
Playsms on
My entrrlrise smsc on
Kannel using internal storage
Dlr mask 31 in both playsms and kannelā€¦
Saw kannel loga it ia receiving receive dlr packet.
Deliveried Messages in playsms showing up in sent state.
Anything else I can only post a day laterā€¦
Since all these machines not on internet

how to set dlr mask?

you can set dlr mask in playsms in Settingsā€“> Manage Gateway and SMSC --> then open your gateway and fill dlr mask value in that pageā€¦
also you need to set your dlr mask in kannel conf.
search the kannel forum for a sample conf file youā€™ll get thereā€¦
or here also people have posted their kannel conf with dlr mask ā€¦set

but after all this i am not able to recieve delivery report in playsms

after searching for this i see that it is a kannel specific thing, but not valid for sms tools i am usingā€¦

yeah u r rightā€¦
mainl a kannel thingā€¦
not sure about smstoolsā€¦

can you share your kannel conf + mysql details with meā€¦
i mean table structure or mysql structure dump?

do you mean me? i have no kannel in use, so no kannel conf.

Noā€¦ I replied @jjhunter

yes, now i see. :smiley:

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can you pl help me here?

my conf is Kannel at one machine with internal storageā€¦
playsms on another machine
and an enterprise SMSC to send smsā€¦

i need to get delivery report in playsmsā€¦


if i keep both kannel and playsms on same server
will it be easy to fetch delivery report?

OK, that is good information.

are you using playsms with kannel??

which gateway u hv used?

can u explain why we need to do that? commenting and uncommenting?

i have kannel 1.4.3 and playsms 1.3.1 on same machine with dlr mask 31 under main config m not getting blue dot (delivered) only greeen dot. :frowning:

Check your log file /var/log/kannel/access.log and see if you are receiving any dlrs SMS type from the Operator SMSC. This will only happens if your requesting Delivery Report from the SMSC through sendsms URL


i am receving dlr in access log but
in following shape
[Receive DLR] [1;1;1;1;8]
tha means m getting 8 status from smsc which means only sm submit status
which makes green dot in playsms.

Log Record 1  2013-02-23 21:48:31 Sent SMS [SMSC:rock1] [SVC:playsms1] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:88] [META:] [from:xxxx] [to:971808339] [flags:-1:0:-1:-1:31] [msg:0:] [udh:0:]
Log record 2  2013-02-23 21:48:31 Receive DLR [SMSC:rock1] [SVC:playsms1] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:88] [META:] [from:xxxx] [to:971808339] [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:8] [msg:4:ACK/] [udh:0:]
Log Record 3  2013-02-23 21:48:34 Receive DLR [SMSC:rock1] [SVC:playsms1] [ACT:smppclient1] [BINF:] [FID:88] [META:?smpp?dlr_err=%03%00%00&] [from:xxxx] [to:971808339] [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:1] [msg:94:id:88 sub:001 dlvrd:001 submit date:1302232148 done date:1302232148 stat:DELIVRD err:000 Text:] [udh:0:]

Log Record 1 sent to SMSC -  [flags:-1:0:-1:-1:31]  sent to SMSC with ALL DLR STATUS [31] 
Log Record 2 sent from SMSC -  [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:8]  ack receipt from SMSC say I got sms for for processing [8]
Log Record 3 sent from SMSC  - [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:1 ack receipt of SMS being delivered [1]	

In your case you have not receiving the delivery report a check your Operator if they are sending your the Delivered to handset (DLR)
Also confirm on DLR table (database) if there heaps of records on the DLR table awaiting ackowledgement receipt (DLR) from the Operator SMSC

Ok I will check that thanks.

Also yesterday i saw [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:2] coming in kannel.access but this is not getting updated to playsms. It still shows sent green icon but it shud becoke red for failed right?

That means expired. My smsc ia sending me this.
But no 1 status as u said. Iā€™ll ask. And post hereā€¦

Btw how to check dlr-url access from kannel server I.mean verify.
Do I have mention dlr url in kannel config?

Can you share your access.log file that capture the records with [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:2]. Please include entire flag records for the concern SMS MO transactions [31][8][2]