Forward all DLR to a URL + "Delivered" status not received


I’m using playSMS 1.4 and Kannel 1.5 with a MultiTech MultiConnect Cell 100 (MTC-H5-B03-KIT) as GSM modem.

I’ve succeeded to Forward all sandbox SMS to a URL with the form that we got on the admin panel (index.php?app=main&inc=feature_incoming&op=incoming), but I want to do the same with DLR.

Have you any idea on how can I do it ? I’m pretty sure I need to change the PHP source code, but where ?

Also, I see that DLR works well with playSMS, I see the status change in the “all outcoming SMS” page, but it seems that I don’t receive the “delivered” status: I see the “pending” and “sent” states, but I don’t get “delivered”.

My DLR-mask confif is on 31.

try checking on Kannel side, can’t tell you which log file coz I have short memory on Kannel config and don’t have running Kannel right now

basically both “sent” and “delivered” are updates from Kannel, so if you saw “sent” it means Kannel pushed it to playSMS, but if you didn’t see “delivered” it meant Kannel didn’t push it to playSMS

why Kannel didn’t push it, usually because Kannel didn’t receive it from carrier


Hi Anton,

Thank you for your help.

It’s ok for the “Delivered” status, I’ll check on kannel and the modem.

But what about the forwarding of the DLR ? Can you guide me on where in the PHP code I should try to do my webservice call ?

Also, I’ve chosen Kannel because I thought it was what you prefer to use with playSMS :slight_smile:

What is your new recommendation on the best gateway to use with playSMS ? Kannel works better than SMStools and gammu for me, but it’s not perfect.

I found where I can do the DLR forward, it’s in the dlr() function in the lib/fn_dlr.php file

Hi Anton,

I’m adding some modems to my confirguration, so I got to do some changes in my DLR fowarding and I need your help.

In the function dlr($smslog_id, $uid, $p_status) in lib/fn_dlr.php, I need to know from which SMSC the DLR comes (like {SANDBOX_SMSC} in the incoming SMS forwarding), do you know how I can get that ?

Thx !