Credit is not deducting

Hi my playsms is not deducting balance although messages are getting delivered, please help , did all the changes but nothing helped , using the latest version of playsms

Delivery status is also in pending state

we need logs to debug, please send the log


Ok Please have a look here are the logs

Have shared all logs with u please have a look thanks

What is the version of playSMS. And can you screenshot twilio config you did (redact private info)


The version is 1.4.2

Which file is needed config.php or some other please let me know

That callback url is wrong, it has to be url that reachable by twilio server, so you cannot use private ip


ok even i put public ip in the URL the issue does remain the same

Let me know where I have to change the up information along with url on playsms

If u need I will give u the server access also

Thanks let me know what orher config needed to change

Change the ip to your playsms, and make sure the url browseable from public

Let me know the address in pm


Hi Anton still the issue is same can you take my server access I will give my ip and let me know what is the issue

what changes have been done ? are you moving your installation to server with public IP address ?

if you can’t publish your real server IP, why not rent a VPS and practice there until problem solved, for example use digitalocean, its only like USD 5 per month, setup playSMS there and tests


I have setup on public ip already , putting on public I have no issue already did that