Playsms 1.4.2 Credit Not Deducted

hi everyone

I am using Playsms 1…4.2 from
wget -c “” -O playsms-1.4.2.tar.gz

The sms Credit Balance is not deducted when SMS is sent …
I found some blog saying its a bug

Kindly enlighten me

Thank You


For now I just want to alert you that the version has critical security vulnerability as announced in, please do not use that version, use 1.4.3 instead. There are several howto install new version.

Credit should work properly.


Oh OK…
I will use 1.4.3, Thanks for alerting me !!!

I installed 1.4.3
I created new A/c added 50 Credit.
I set Main configuration -> Default SMS rate
The balance is not getting deducted…Is there any other setting ?

What’s your PHP version, and what distribution which version ?

Reason I asked, I have an issue too with PHP 7.4, currently fixing it. If previous PHP it should have no issue. Rate/billing are counted by playSMS daemon ratesmsd, if its running (along with other playSMS daemons) then it should be fine.


I am using PHP 7.2
All deamons are working.

Ill try to check it tonight. I dont remember theres an issue about this.


I checked it just now and I can reproduce the issue, my billing working as expected.