Can not send sms. I think the problem in symbols

Hello all
Have the question , the system opengts, sends notification in format

     14/09/2015 12:14:47: "New location [1010000111]" arrived "job" 

playSMS can not send them as sms. I think the problem in symbols ("" or [])

Maybe someone has this problem to and know how to solve it .
Please tell me what to do.
Thank you.

Try to urlencode the message


urlencode in opengts?
Thank you, Anton

in webservices URL, the msg, to and from param

for example your msg, instead of:

14/09/2015 12:14:47: "New location [1010000111]" arrived "job"

it should be urlencoded into:


another example, the to parameter for phone numbers having plus prefix, instead of +6289076544667 it should be urlencoded into %2B6289076544667


Thank you, Anton. You doing a great job
Best regard, Satcom

I’m sorry to trouble you ,
opengts send to play sms this:"Nuevo%20dispositivo%20[1010000111]“%20arrived%20"job”
but it no work, what i do wrong

playsms status:

can You help me
Thank you.

here is your URL:

can you spot additional question mark ?

let me give you a hint, its near op=pv

try to remove that extra question mark


Thank for You answer
I think I began to understand what was happening, my message to 75 characters if I do not pass the entire message it comes .

14/09/2015 12:14:47: "New location [1010000111]"

Maybe Problem in a long message.
Thank you,

How do I change the length of the SMS. I have now 67: 70 and I have like 87: 90
Thank you

it means your message detected as unicode, it is a false detection, its current issue.

What gateway do you use with playSMS?


hello and thank you, gateway smstools3

Hello , the problem is still relevant, can someone faced with this . glad to hear any idea.
Thank you.