All Incoming SMS stopped working

Hello @anton,

Sorry, I know what to do next time, just resent it though.

But previously, it was working…with status of unhandled.

Now, even other messages are not viewed in “All incoming SMS”

Even database/table playsms_tblSMSIncoming has not had any updates:

Again, thank you for looking into this.


Vince Sanchez

Hi @anton,

Have you taken a look on the logs and screenshots already? As per one of the entries in the log, the system should have processed the SMS:

2018-08-22 9:26:03 # VERBOSE # dba query # q: INSERT INTO playsms_tblSMSIncoming (in_uid,in_feature,in_gateway,in_sender,in_keyword,in_message,in_datetime,in_status) VALUES (‘7’,‘core’,‘kannel’,‘+000000000000’,‘SM’,‘message again’,‘2018-08-22 1:19:02’,‘1’)

However as seen in the previous screenshots of PlaySMS and PhpMyAdmin, the record was not inserted into the table playsms_tblSMSIncoming.

Other SMS to other users are properly working, so is the outgoing ones.


Hoping for your guidance and wisdom.


Vince Sanchez

If mysql table is in MyISAM you might want to try repair table. Im not sure about this, but I would try to, in this situation.

Backup the database first, make sure it’s restorable by restoring to other database (different name). Only then you can try repair table and some other check and repair methods for that specific MySQL table.


Thank you @anton,

Yes, all tables are MyISAM. Will be trying it.

Thank you!


Vince Sanchez

Hi @anton,

I would like to thank you for pointing me in the right direction. For anyone experiencing the same, see below steps I did.

I have a daily backup of database.

When I checked the tables (via CLI and phpMyAdmin), there are several which has been corrupted. After this check, I have blank records in PlaySMS viewing Incoming SMS (admin account) and All Incoming SMS and those affected tables has been marked by phpMyAdmin as In Use.

I have ensured that nobody is using the server/database so I unplugged it from the network. I also unplugged all my USB modems.

Stopped kannel.

I have repaired the tables using REPAIR TABLE command.

Restarted the server and checked. VIOLA, SMS came flowing through! However, we will not be getting those records which was not saved for the past 3 days, but I’m happy that it is working now, all thanks to @anton

Best regards,

Vince Sanchez

Glad that it has been sorted out, I wish we could find out sooner.

If you have plan to upgrade, upgrade your database to use innodb. Or, at least my suggestion to do daily backup and schedule repair table more often.


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Hi @anton,

I wish so to. I’m weak in databases, as with programming, it is my kryptonite.

My predecessor has implemented a sqldump nightly, however, no table checkup and repair. Only encountered this in my over 4 yrs of managing the system.

I have been looking into logs–kannel, playsms, httpd…and believe it, even dmesg…hahaha. I’ve tried to check mysql logs but could not find it.

I’m likewise am happyand thankful for your assistance.


Vince Sanchez