2 numbers per contact Phones

Hi everybody,
Specifications of my business (school groups ) requires to have 2 numbers per contact Phones ( child: dad=Mobile1 , mom =Mobile2 ) .
I’m not expère in programing but I managed to advance a can .
I’m stuck to the party java sendsms :

I just change phonebook.php and import.php. end i creat Mobile2 in my DB SQl.
My problem is that my SMS not arrive at mobile2
Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Karim,

You have to modify the function that sends the sms, retrieving the second mobile number and calling the sendsms function, in order to send the additional sms.

hi Edilson,
thank you for your suggestion but this is exactly what I can not do.
I am not a programmer that is why I block.
I have an idea but I do not know where to start:

  • The function of sending sms will check if Mobile2 are: whether the sms will send twice once for mobile1 and second time to mobile2
    and if not it sends just mobile1.
  • Alot of changes in java.
  • I do not find all the files to edit
    if you have a bit of time to help me I will be very grateful.


The file is plugin/core/sendsms/fn.php

The function you have to modify, is sendsms_helper.

Hi edilson,
Can you modifi the file for me please.