Dear Anton,

I am trying to create a HTTP to XML POST gateway. I would like to ask two question

  1. can we use Twilio gateway to create a XML POST over HTTP gateway
  2. do we have to Enable webservice while using the Twilio gateway

Thank you


You mean you want to modify the Twilio gateway (based on twilio gateway plugin to create your own) ?

Enable webservices in playSMS only for serving webservices to playSMS accounts, not to connect to Twilio


Yes, according to my research twilio sms uses post xml http… is it?.. if it is so then i can modify according to my need. Can you help

playSMS already have a working Twilio gateway plugin


I want to create my own getaway and use the existing twilio getaway to create my own… so i would like to know whather it uses xml post over http… so that i can start modifying twilio to create my own…:blush:

No, the current twilio gateway plugin does not use xml post


Is their any existing gateway that uses xml post… so that it would be helpful to create my own gateway… :laughing:

no, there are no other gateway that is using xml post


I am a beginner and would like to create my own getaway using xml post… i was able to create my own getaway for except these files fn.php and callback.php. i tried google too… can you give me hint so that i can create my own getaway

You should know how to post XML first: