How can we integrate my own HTTP sms API with play sms

Kindly help how can i use my http api as gateway and smsc inside play sms what Config. should i need to do.What to be replace and where i am waiting for your kind response Thanks.
Here is my api URL

Ummar, you have to code your own gateway plugin. I have done this for one of our sms suppliers. Start copying gateway folder and working on it. If you prefer, write to me so I can help you.


Thanks Eldison, how can i write plugin please help or send me some example code using the api i mentioned above, kind regards.

Choose a gateway you´re gonna use as base, e.g. Infobip. Copy the folder (plugin/gateway/infobip) to ufone. Don´t forget to change docs/info.xml. Then, duplicate database tables from infobip plugin. Finally, modify the plugin as needed.

By the way, your provider doesn´t offer smpp connection option? That would be a bit more direct.

This probably simpler as an example:


Thanks a lot i will try.

I have tried to start changing in zenziva,but failed to do,can you please tell in which file we have to change url & parms i mean in config.php,fn.php or both & where.