Upgrade from playsms rc4 to playsms 1.0

i have been looking for a while and i cant seem to find a how to for upgrading playsms rc4 to 1.0 can someone help me please.

I just added how to upgrade from 1.0-rc4 to 1.0 in http://book.playsms.org

pls note: read carefully and backup properly


i followed your instructions and got this error when i run the upgrade DB file “ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 163: Table ‘playsms_tblSMSInbox’ already exists” can you tell me what i did wrong please

i followed this topic “Send SMS failed after upgrading from rc8 to 1.0” and got the previous error sorted out

so i have gotten the upgrade to complete but when i login and compose a mail there in no are for number input can you advice please