Translation Problem

Hi everybody!

I am a new user of playsms and I have a problem with the translation. As you can see in the screenshot some words are translated to German and most words are not.

How can I get a complete translation?

My system:

  • recently installed Ubuntu Server 16.04 on a virtualbox
  • Nginx with PHP7 and Mysql data base

Best regards!

Maybe the translation is not completed, you can complete it by contributing in the github project. There is a part(directory) for the translation.

Thank you!
This was the reason. I have found a full translation at the fork of astrakid!
Maybe someone can add it to the master branch.

right, i translated everything as far as i could - but maybe i did it wrong by forking the project. i just wanted to contribute…
but i changed nothing else, so it should be easy to merge.