[solved] Webservice autentification failed

Hello, i get autentification failed when i try to use webservice app. I have user and token corectly in my url but still i get failed. Here is my url i try to send http://xxx.xxx.62.151/playsms/index.php?app=ws&u=admin&h=ab688d1c7465f5262777735df6f0f376&op=pv&to=0768851205&msg=test and here is my returned msg {"status":"ERR","error":"100","error_string":"authentication failed","timestamp":1435652394}

double check your settings in User Configuration (on admin’s account)

authentication failed is due to wrong token


this is my token from user configuration ab688d1c7465f5262777735df6f0f376… Should i renew it and try again?

make sure everything:

  • webservices enabled
  • webservices IP range set to *.*.*.* (later you can change it again to some more specific IP/network)
  • renew token and use that new token


oh you’re right the ip was not in range. how do i make it public for all ip’s? Is this correct ? ...

you typed *.*.*.* ? I can’t see it unless you wrap it with a backtick (markdown style)

yes, *.*.*.* is for all IP


yes, that’s what i typed, thnx it’s working

Hi @anton
I’m having the same issue. I just did a fresh installation. I renew the many time the token but I’m getting the error below xxxxxxxxx.com 2024-05-20 16:53:51 PID664b801ff0dc4 - L2 core_net_match # match all range is not allowed network:... ip: xxxxxxxxx.com 2024-05-20 16:53:51 PID664b801ff0dc4 - L2 auth_validate_token # invalid login t:50fe58226afdc5c99651eb795318693f ip: xxxxxxxxx.com 2024-05-20 16:53:51 PID664b801ff0dc4 - L3 webservices # u: ip: op:pv timestamp:1716224031 status:ERR error:100 error_string:authentication failed

Please can you help?

Hi @anton
I think it’s working now after I replace ‘...’ with the public IP address of my firewall.

But I’m curious to understand Why it is not working.when setting ‘...’ as Webservices IP range.

Thank you