Issue with Webservice IP Range *.*.*.*

Hello folks,
I’m having issue with webservices IP Range.
When I put [...] (without braket of course), I’m getting the following error

PID664bb743583e7 - L2 core_net_match # match all range is not allowed network:... ip:

PID664bb743583e7 - L2 auth_validate_token # invalid login t:50fe58226afdc5c99651eb795318693f

PID664bb743583e7 - L3 webservices # u: op:pv timestamp:1716238147 status:ERR error:100 error_string:authentication failed

Now, when I replace [...] with my Firewall IP address, I’m able to send SMS using the API.

Kindly, any help will be appreciated

following chatGPT I should add the following configuration in config.php
$webservices_config = array(
‘allow_ips’ => array() // Allow all IP addresses
So I added it in /home/komodo/public_html/config.php… but it didn’t help even after restarting playSMS
Please can you help?

Please anyone to help?