Provide a quiz with sms


I want to know how we can provide a quiz where anyone can send sms to us for example for a radio station a quiz while on air

Thank you

using playSMS you can use one of the playSMS feature called SMS quiz

SMS quiz will wait for correct answer, if correct playSMS will reply to sender with correct answer template that you configured through the menu, so does on invalid answers

you decide whose the winner by looking at the list of respond, see who gets it right the fastest


Hello Anton!

Quick question: After I have set up the quiz and enabled it, how do I send it once I am on the COmpose Message page?

Thanks a bunch!

Antonio Santos

What did you need to send from compose message page ? SMS to whom ?


Wow! That was fast response!
I want to send the quiz I have just set up to my phone number, as a test.

You have setup SMS quiz, and then you want to test it by sending from playSMS to it self ?


You are correct! I want to send the quiz and the poll, but really can’t figure out how.

send according to format that is accepted by SMS poll and SMS quiz.

for SMS quiz the format is: QUIZ_KEYWORD (space) QUIZ_ANSWER

for SMS poll the format is: POLL_KEYWORD (space) POLL_CHOICE


So where do I insert these QUIZ_KEYWORD (space) QUIZ_ANSWER (for quiz) and POLL_KEYWORD (space) POLL_CHOICE for poll?
I understand I have to replace them with the actual keywords, but where are they inserted?

do you know what is quiz keyword and quiz answer ?


ok. you cannot “send it to someone”, you have to use other means for that, for example you text from compose message the message to ask someone to enter the correct format.

For example, send this SMS to your users:
Send your best answer and get 100k ! SMS to 98766: TESTQUIZ <space> Your Answer


Okay. Got it now! Thanks a lot for your time and attention! I will digest this a bit more to see what can be accomplished.

Antonio Santos