PlaySMS with Dinstar device

Total playSMS newb here so apologies in advance.

I want to use a Dinstar device to send SMS. I don’t know where to start to configure the gateway, does generic work for Dinstar?

I have a working curl command for this device, I just don’t know how I translate that into playSMS.

Any one already setup with a Dinstar device and/or can tell me how to proceed, greatly appreciated in advance.

P.S. It looks like I need to write a handler script. I am fine with PHP, so really just need some guidance with the playSMS gateway setup best practice?


Try to install playSMS 1.3.1 properly and use Generic gateway plugin


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Hi Anton,
Many thanks for your reply.

PlaySMS is installed but I didin’t install it so don’t know what version yet :frowning:

so basically, I need to make my own handler script with the curl call to the Dinstar device? Then use that in the generic gateway plugin. Should I just echo back the result of the curl call for the callback?

version can be read by running playsmsd version from Linux console

you can do that, you can make a handler script, or Dinstar plugin just like OpenVox plugin or modify OpenVox plugin. but now you can also try to use Generic plugin, that plugin can be used for gateway that don’t included in playSMS, such as Dinstar


ok, many thanks, so all good so far,

I created a dinstarhandler.php and when called with the matching params the SMS is sent, I have configured the generic gateway module with the macthing URL and perams for my script.

Now where do I tell playSMS to use the generic gateway?

I configured a new generic SMSC with the url of my handler and made an outgoing route using that SMSC, but when I create a new sms it does not get sent, the outgoing queue is empty, the send log is empty.

One thing I note is the ‘prefix’ which is required for the SMSC config. what is that for? Can I use a catch all prefix?

Confirmed we are now using 1.3.1, looks like we were using 1.3Master before.

For some reason playSMS generic module never calls my handler. Some direction about what I should be configuring, and where, so that when creating a new sms it calls my handler script would be awesome right now :smile:

Hi, badbod!
How are you?
Can you please help me to configure my playsms + dinstar deployment? Im able to send sms via curl. Now I have playsms instaled but I don have any idea how to integrate dinstar api with playsms. i really apreciate if you can guide me. Thanks in advance.