New gateway Dinstar


For the last couple of days i’m trying to configure a new SMS gateway with a DINSTAR DWG2000D.

Dinstar has a nice and understandable API. HTTP for transport, JSON for the data…

Some examples;

2.1 Request POST http://gateway_ip/api/send_sms

text= content
port= sim card port for sending
param array= user_id , number,

The only problem i’m facing for the moment is that there is an http digest authentication configured on the Dinstar gateway, i don’t have the possibility to send username and password over the API interface.

GET /api/send_sms?text=%23param%23&number=&param=text_param&param=user_id&param=number&user=&text_param=&password=*&port=0&port=1&port=2&port=3&port=4&port=5&port=6&port=7&port=8&port=9&port=10&port=11 HTTP/1.1

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

Is there a possibility to send the credentials first to the Dinstar ?

When i launch this CURL script it works perfectly.

curl -i -H “Accept: application/json” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘{“user-id”:“13”,“text”:"#param#",“port”:[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11],“param”:[{“number”:"*********",“text_param”:["******TEST"],“user_id”:100}]}’ -u USER:PASSWORD http://192.168.X.X/api/send_sms/

Can someone tell me where i can find the configuration files for all the different gateways in playsms?


Usually in registry or their own db table. Checkout Kannel gateway plugin, the use of registry functions.


I am trying to send sms with Dinstar DWG-2000-1G new api with http address but not working

please help me

Hello anton please can you help me i have the same problem as Dennis_Van_Brusselen. When i try to access to API the response i received is 401 Unauthorized.

Hello Omar.

I think you have to modify playSMS so that it sends first the Dinstar´s needed authentication.

Hi Edilson,

Please can u show me how to achieve this? Following the new API user guide I use Gateway gateway = new Gateway(host, port, userAuth, passwdAuth). How can I modify playSMS to send first Dinstar’s needed authentication?

Hi theam!
I have a dinstar gateway. Im able to send sms via api using curl but now I dont know how integrate this with the playsms. Can anyone help me, please?
Kind regards!

Dinstar Gateway new versions has support to SMPP. Using playSMS with kannel is easier for who doesn´t have programming skills.


Anyone find a solution to this?
Trying the same thing but wasn’t able to find the right http request.
All i get is a browser blank page and i don’t receive the sms.

Thank you