playSMS version 1.4.4-beta4 has been released


When you have time and resources to test, please do.

Changelog 1.4.4-beta4:

  • Default ACL set to none, user now must have ACL to access menus
  • unicode now detected on sendsms(), previously detected by gateway plugins
  • auth and session handling updated:
    • update auth_isvalid(), auth_session_setup(), auth_session_destroy(), user_session_set(), user_session_get()
    • add user_session_update()
    • session saved to registry once only after successful login
    • last_update in registry updated on every user’s clicks by user_session_update() on web/init.php
    • user expected to login and not changing their HTTP_USER_AGENT and REMOTE_ADDR, or else session destroyed
  • provides alternate REMOTE_ADDR for installation behind reverse proxy for example
  • web/config.php renamed to web/appsetup.php
  • MAJOR: update playSMS daemon
    • better forks handling
    • add function to start new loop fork and one time fork, for example to handle sendfromfile, now SMS delivery done in the background by playSMS daemon
  • install script updated
  • security update tinymce v5.6.2
  • MAJOR: update simplerate, add cards and rates defined under cards, cards can be assigned to users
  • some bugfixes during updating

Changelog 1.4.4-beta3:

  • All PHP files on web/ except index.php init.php and config.php moved to storage/application/
  • inc dir web/inc/ moved and renamed to storage/application/app/
  • lib dir web/lib/ moved and renamed to storage/application/libs/
  • plugin dir web/plugin/ moved to storage/application/plugin/
  • Directory for customized templates is in storage/custom/application/templates/
  • Directory for overriding configs is in storage/custom/application/configs/
  • JS and CSS files of themes stays in web/plugin/themes/ but removed from plugin dir
  • Update web/init.php to reflect changes on structure, also adds new defines
  • web/config.php holds paths info for log, bin, storage, base dir, and web URL
  • The rest of config.php content are in storage/custom/application/configs/config.php
  • _HTTP_PATH_BASE_ now must be defined explicitly from web/config.php
  • Adds Application ID for future use
  • Updates tpl load priority on tpl_apply()
  • Direct access to plugin/gateway/gateway-name-here/callback.php renamed to /index.php?app=call&cat=gateway&plugin=gateway-name-here&access=callback since theres no plugin’s PHP files directly accessible from web anymore

Changelog 1.4.4-beta2:

  • Fix enable register not checked
  • Update all themes to use Bootstrap 4
  • Change login, register, forgot, block template and logging tags

Changelog 1.4.4-beta1:

  • Fix session fixation security vulnerabilty
  • Bugfixes here and there
  • Move storage outside web root
  • Use password_hash() to store passwords
  • Captcha on login, forgot and register page
  • Remove relation to tblSMSOutgoing to lookup Billing data
  • Add support for Bootstrap 4
  • Update jQuery, select2 and datetimepicker
  • Remove Bootstrap Dialog, replaced with BS Modal
  • Previous default themes renamed to themes materia
  • New default themes is using Bootstrap 4
  • AdminLTE3 can now be used too if you need to

Download playSMS-1.4.4-beta4:

Or git clone/pull and checkout tag 1.4.4-beta4.


playSMS themes with AdminLTE 3 (

Can be used with at least playSMS 1.4.4-beta2